This Millionaire Baseball Player Lives in a Van

He finds luxury in minimalist living.

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Think Bush's Millionaire Tax Cuts Are Bad? Tim Pawlenty's Would Quadruple Them

Tim Pawlenty's outrageous plan would give millions more in tax breaks for the very rich.

Suddenly, George W. Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy aren't looking so bad. This chart, from the The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, plainly lays out 2012 GOP hopeful Tim Pawlenty's plan for $7.8 trillion in tax cuts. His tax plan would mean a 41 percent tax cut for millionaires, and a tax cut of $1.8 million for the top .1 percent—more than four times what they got under the Bush tax cuts last year.

It's not likely that Tim Pawlenty will win the nomination (especially after talk of a poor showing at the GOP debates on Monday), and this is clearly election-season posturing. But still, one look at this graph and it becomes crystal clear just how little Pawlenty actually cares about the national debt.

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"Facebook Class" Made Stanford Students Millionaires

One of Professor B.J. Fogg's homework assignments for his 2007 "Facebook Class" was to create an app for the site. Doing well really paid off.

Thinking of slacking on homework? Turning in assignments can pay—especially if you're one of the 75 Stanford students who took professor B.J. Fogg's 2007 "Facebook Class." One of Fogg's fun homework assignments was to create Facebook apps, and the results have made several of the students millionaires and transformed the way Silicon Valley envisions start ups.

Fogg told the New York Times he didn't intend to turn the tech industry's business model on its head with the assignment. But his advice to students "to build no-frills apps, distribute them quickly and worry about perfecting them later," has now become "standard operating procedure for a new generation of entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley and beyond."

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