A New Media Artist’s 365 Days of Adventure in Second Life

The brave soul plans to spend a year living in and exploring its outer limits, creating a very long, very conceptual piece of performance art.

A young man sets off into the (digital) wilderness

Portland-based GIF and new media artist Michael Green first came to prominence/infamy when he tried to sell an animated GIF version of Jeff Koon’s famous Balloon Dog on ebay for $5800. Although “Balloon Dog Deflated” eventually sold for a fraction of that price ($202.50) the project raised a lot of interesting questions about the value and monetization of digital art, and the rampant commercialization of the physical art world.

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Turn Yourself Into A Musical Instrument With Electronic Tattoos

Media artist Dmitri Morozov has created a process that “reads” tattoos, translating them into electronic sound.

First American artist Anthony Antonellis turned himself into a quasi-cyborg with his “digital tattoo” project, implanting a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip device in his hand. Once inserted, the chip emitted graphics able to be viewed anywhere by smartphone. Now Moscow-based media artist and musician Dmitri Morozov has evolved a process that “reads” tattoos, translating external ink into electronic sound—no surgery required.

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