On 'Niggerhead': Rick Perry's Racist Camp Name Is Surprisingly Common

Whether you like it or not, the offensive name of Rick Perry's West Texas hunting camp certainly didn't originate with Perry himself.

The political world is still abuzz at this weekend's latest Rick Perry revelation: the GOP presidential candidate and Texas governor has hosted friends and allies at his family's West Texas hunting camp, charmingly named "Niggerhead." The only black Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, called the camp's name "insensitive," a summation for which he was promptly chastised by conservatives who said he "played the race card." For his part, Perry argues that his family never named the camp, but only leased it from people who did. What's more, Perry says he made an effort to get rid of the name by painting over Niggerhead signs dotting the camp's many acres.

Whether you believe Perry actually took issue with the camp's name or not, you have to question the wisdom of a politician leasing something called Niggerhead in the first place. If you aren't even a little bit racist, and you're searching for a place to host your friends and family, do you choose the place with the racial slur featured prominently in its name? But that said, it's worth noting how prevalent the name Niggerhead has been in American history to lend a bit of context to the Perry drama.

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