This Fallout Shelter Community Envisions a Less Lonely Apocalypse

Terra Vivos’ worst-case scenario bunkers are decidedly middle class, existing between survivalist huts and multimillionaire disaster mansions.

Idealized American fallout shelter, 1957

In the middle of the Mojave Desert, past a barbed-wire fence, two stories underground, and through a 3,000-pound blast door, lies a bomb shelter. Built in 1965 and originally intended to shield America’s telecommunication infrastructure against nuclear war, the bunker can withstand withering blasts, sweltering fires, and even chemical attacks. Yet unlike most strongholds of the era, this shelter is not a cramped and austere concrete canister. A mix of bunk beds and gyms and living rooms, all warm and inviting, the place looks more like a cruise ship than an apocalyptic hedge.

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