Slideshow: America's Ten Riskiest Nuclear Reactors

The Nuclear Regulatory Commissions calculated the odds of an earthquake damaging the core of every reactor in the country. Here are the ten riskiest.

The odds listed were generated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and reflect the chances of an earthquake causing damage to each reactor's core. The odds take into consideration two main factors: the chance of a serious quake, and the strength of design of the plant. They also factor the changes in USGS data from 1989 to 2008.

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Overload: The Public's Down on Nuclear Power, Stewart Brand's Still Behind It, and More

The post-earthquake debate about nuclear reactors, massive new coal mining, and more of what we're reading at GOOD Environment HQ.

Support for building new nuke plants has dipped lower than it was in 1979, right after the Three Mile Island accident.

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