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On the Market Watch: Gap's Marketing Strategies for Accessible Style

Brought to you by IBM. The CMO of one of the world's most familiar clothing retailers paves the future of the brand by looking at the company's past.

In the On the Market Watch four-part series, we interview industry leaders about how technology and business are evolving the way companies use marketing and social media. This post is brought to you by our partner, IBM.

We were recently caught by surprise by a statement from Seth Farbman, global Chief Marketing Officer for Gap, one of the world’s most recognizable apparel companies. Describing his first 15 months with the company, Farbman said, “My focus has been to look back in order to look forward.” GOOD couldn’t wait to hear what other wisdom the former Worldwide Managing Director of Ogilvy & Mather and President of OgilvyEarth might have to impart. Here, we talk with Farbman about the changing role of marketing, the benefits of tradition, and the importance of the individual.

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