Meet the Robot Opera Star Expanding a Classic Art Form

Myon is the fully automated robotic lead of My Square Lady, an operatic examination of what makes a person a person.

image via youtube screen capture

Opera, perhaps more than any other form of classical art, has a reputation for melodrama. Featuring big, booming voices singing about life, death, and love, opera tends to go right for the gut, playing on our emotions to create a sense that what happens on stage is more than just a collection of actors and singers, but rather a microcosm of our world, distilled down to its essence and projected right back back into our face. However, like most things that have been around for several hundred years, opera has constantly needed to evolve, and reinvent itself in order to speak to the concerns of each subsequent generation of theatergoers. Berlin’s Komische Oper is one such example of how some are using this centuries-old art form to examine the rapidly changing world in which we currently live.

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