What’s an Eco-Celebrity Worth?

Celebs walk the “green carpet” at an environmental pre-Oscars event. But do they actually raise awareness?

Socialite and fashion model Jaimie Hilfiger gets her heart broken, like, all the time. "When I drive through the street I see people, literally, just throw out pieces of plastic from a gum wrapper, or even larger than a gum wrapper," she told me on Wednesday in a parking lot off Hollywood Boulevard. "I’m like, how could you, literally, throw a big piece of plastic outside the window? That really breaks my heart."

Hilfiger, niece of Tommy, wasn't the only one on the scene getting emotional about the earth. As media outlets from around the world focused their gaze on Hollywood in anticipation of the Oscar's tonight, an unexpected group sidled up to get a taste of the limelight on Wednesday: environmentalists. The host was Santa Monica-based climate-change organization Global Green, the go-to environmental charity for actors moonlighting as activists (Leonardo DiCaprio’s on the board). The event? The annual "green pre-Oscar party."

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