Fur Flies: Behind the Pet Airline Class Divide

On Pet Airways, every animal gets the first-class treatment—for a price.

When Bob Wallace relocated to Los Angeles from New York City, he brought Baron Dieter von Riverside and Molly McButter along with him. He considered packing Riverside, a Daschund, and McButter, a Bischon Frise, in the car and driving them 3,000 miles from Manhattan’s Upper West Side to their new home in Bel Air. What Wallace knew he couldn’t do was fly. “I wasn't going to ship my dogs in the baggage of a commercial airliner,” says Wallace, a former executive editor of Rolling Stone. “You wouldn't do that to your kid. Why would you do it to your dogs?”

That was before Wallace found Pet Airways, a luxury airline specifically for pet passengers—no humans allowed. Discerning pet owners agree their four-legged friends deserve to be treated like people, and Pet Airways obliges them—for a fee.

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