Over on the /AskReddit forum, one frustrated citizen got down to brass tacks. In today's world, it's easy to feel hopeless when it comes to the herculean challenges posed by climate change. There's so much to do and it feels like we're constantly barraged with negative warnings that even our most valiant efforts might be in vain.

So, virtually throwing their arms up in air, Reddit user "ExoticFailure" simply begged for an answer: "How do we save this fucking planet?"

In less than five hours, more than 20,000 people liked the question with hundreds more adding in their own comments, questions, and venting their frustrations. But one incredibly thoughtful and detailed response has quickly elevated itself above the chatter. An anonymous user writing under the handle "m4ybe" offered up a detailed, seven-point response that instantly caught fire. While it's unclear if these solutions are backed by science or possible, they sound like a step in the right direction.

Here is their response in its entirety:

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