The GOP's Misguided War on Government Regulations

The GOP isn't being honest when they use "job killing" as an argument against health and safety regulations. Here's how to defeat the argument.

Editor's note: Last week a trio of corporate watchdogs, and better business advocates called attention to the false dichotomy between regulations and job creation. One of the speakers was co-founder of Seventh Generation, Jeffrey Holldender. Here's his dispatch on the topic, also posted at his own blog,

Matt Madia, a policy analyst at OMB Watch, Robert Weissman, president at Public Citizen, Peter Iwanowicz of the American Lung Association, and I participated in a media briefing to call attention to Representative Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) plans to hold hundreds of hearings to investigate the Obama administration this year, including the oversight hearing on “job-killing” regulations that took place on Thursday.

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