People Are Awesome: Woman Rescues Her Road Rage Aggressor

Would you come to the aid of someone who'd just given you the finger?

It's not every day you get to see instant karma. But Kristyn Dominy bore witness to just that last week in her home state of Florida. Driving home from her grandmother's house with her infant daughter in the backseat, Dominy was overtaken by an irate female driver who passed her across a double-yellow line, giving Dominy the finger as she flew on by. Dominy later told ABC News that she was "irritated" by the woman's actions, but she was also a little worried. That's because she could see a little girl in the back of the crazy driver's car. "I noticed there was a child in the car and thought, 'Oh my gosh, I can’t believe she’s driving like this with a child in the back seat,'" she said.

Once she passed Dominy, the speeding woman attempted to pass more cars, veering in and out of lanes in an effort to get past a truck towing a boat. That's when the karma hit. While attempting to pass the truck, the erratic woman's old jeep, which had one door tied on with rope, began smoking profusely. A few seconds later, the jeep was on the side of the road and on fire.

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