Bubbly Cocktails to Sip While Rush Limbaugh Fizzles

Raise a glass to Sandra Fluke—or drink our custom cocktails to the demise of Rush's career.

Welcome to Buy You a Drink, where GOOD’s resident mixologist selects the libations to pair with each week’s newsmakers. This week: cocktails perfumed by the sweet smell of schadenfreude.

The past 10 days of media scandal have provided me the rare and exciting opportunity to define the boundaries of my personal moral code. As it turns out, I’m fundamentally opposed to dancing on the graves of the recently deceased—even if the deceased were scum-sucking bottom feeders like Andrew Breitbart and you swear the grave-dancing is an homage to scum-suckery itself. But when it comes to living assholes, I’m all in favor of a little schadenfreude. And if the health of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program really is in jeopardy, then pardon me while I lace up my dancing shoes.

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