Politicians Do Great Thing; Special Interests Immediately Try to Destroy It

A good-natured experiment in Massachusetts' Senate race is making PACs look even worse than they already do.

This week, Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and Republican Senator Scott Brown signed a pledge to insist third-party groups stay out of their heated and important Massachusetts Senate race. Under the terms of the pledge, Warren and Brown must donate half the cost of any third-party ad to charity if the ad either supports a candidate or attacks their opponent by name. The goal is to eliminate the kind of ugly, unnecessary mudslinging that's come to be a trashy hallmark of American politics. Both candidates, who have already been the subjects of expensive, PAC attack campaigns, immediately hailed it as an important experiment. "This is a great victory for the people of Massachusetts, and a bold statement that puts Super PACs and other third parties on notice that their interference in this race will not be tolerated," Brown said in a prepared statement.

It's not been 48 hours since Warren and Brown made their announcement, and already the third-party groups have turned petty.

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