Hire Me: The Hustle to Find Scarce Social Enterprise Jobs

While entrepreneurs drive social enterprise, there’s a flood of workers competing for impact jobs.

In an economy that taught many the folly of greed and the value of purposeful work, social entrepreneurs represent our higher aspirations—so it's no wonder that so many people want impact jobs. Yet competition, the relative nascence of the movement, and a tough economy has made finding employment at a social venture an even riskier bet than landing work in the general job market.

Sydney Malawer is among the workers vying for limited jobs in this emerging sector. After graduating from Cornell in 2008 with a design and environmental analysis degree, Malawer met with recruiters who visited campus, but she wasn’t impressed by the companies or the series of underwhelming desk jobs they offered. “I kind of want a job that I don’t have to rationalize why I’m there,” she says.

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