The Equalizers

A secret history of the fight for social justice among Brazil’s greatest soccer stars of the past century

Brazil has won more World Cup titles than any other country, but the nearly 200-year old South American host nation has a legacy of competitors as valiant off the field as on it—so much so that it is possible to imagine a player at every position on the soccer field whose life displayed an abiding commitment to rallying against social inequality.

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The Invisible Cyclists: Immigrants and the Bike Community

Can social justice be achieved through cycling? New groups like the LA Bike Coalition offer support and advocacy for the immigrant biking population.

They ride on the sidewalks around the city, many of them without helmets or lights. For thousands of immigrants in Los Angeles, the bicycle is their primary means of transportation. But while “everybody’s sort of aware of these bikers,” says Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition organizer Allison Mannos, "there’s not really any outreach. My interest is to address the people who never get taken into account."

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