What the Ashton Kutcher Brownface Controversy Says About Race in America

A new Ashton Kutcher commercial reminds us that America's South Asians have a long way to go for equality.

The Ashton Kutcher Brownface Controversy, in which the former That '70's Show star painted his face brown and adpoted an East Indian accent in a web commercial for Popchips, says some interesting things about society. In the commercial, which is set up as a video-dating bio, Kutcher plays Raj, a bachelor who dances around and says foolish things in a bad accent. Kutcher, in case you've never been treated to one of his performances, is not a talented thespian. It's one of a series of faux-dating videos Kutcher made for Popchips—in the others he plays Darl, a diva; Nigel, a hippie; and Swordfish, a sweet biker. The Raj character is described as "an optimist who is Indian."

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