Since normalizing relations with Communist China back in 1979, the U.S. government and its companies that do business with the country have, for the most part, turned a blind-eye to its numerous human rights abuses.

In China's Muslim-majority province of Xinjiang, it's believed that over a million members of its Uighur population are being arbitrarily imprisoned and tortured in concentration camps. Female Uighurs in detention are being given forced abortions and subjected to sexual mistreatment.

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The Purpose of Life Explained in a Two-Minute Animation

The profound philosophy of Alan Watts is brought to life in the style of South Park

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A New "Cultural Tourist Agency" Teaches Angelenos How to Walk in the City

A new group encourages L.A. residents to walk and enjoy walking.

Walking in L.A. isn't as much a pastime as it is a punchline for many residents of our fair city. But walking does seem to be experiencing something of a renaissance, with the proliferation of urban hikers making mega-treks through the city, and a move towards redesigning streets that better accommodate walkers.

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