Summer's Eve: The Douche Company That Won't Say "Douche" Why Won't Summer's Eve Say "Douche"?

Summer's Eve's new marketing blitz is obsessed with "vagina." But another dirty word is conspicuously absent from its campaign: "Douche."

Vaginal cleansing company Summer's Eve is dedicated to promoting the genital area for which its products are designed. Last week, the company launched a new marketing campaign centered on "the power of the V." Now, Summer's Eve markets its own "Vagina Owner's Manual." It suggests replacing the term "That's Awesome" with "That's Vaginal." It invites women to pinpoint the vagina on a genital map. It imagines what black, Latina, and white vaginas would say if they could talk. In spots aired before the latest Harry Potter film, it situates the vagina as the inspiration for all history's wars. Its online "Vaglossary" demystifies vagina-related terms like "camel toe," "crowning," and "bidet."

But one word is conspicuously absent from Summer's Eve's new marketing blitz: "Douche."

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