Every Body is a Bikini Body

Oppressive beauty standards make billions for diet and beauty industries.

Laci Green is a sex education activist. She uses her YouTube channel to teach the internet-goers of the world about safe consensual sex, feminism, and identity. In this video she pairs up with MTV’s Braless to explain the history of bikinis. What initially started as a symbol of girl power, the bikini has now become a weapon used to shame women into buying more diet and beauty products. Businesses convince women that they are not beautiful if they do not fit a specific body size and appearance. This fosters an unhealthy culture of judgment and self-hate.

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If you're anything like most Americans, you associate the summer with feelings of creativity and liberation and the school year with misery and hard work. And its precisely the "school is work, summer is play" philosophy that's gotten our kids into trouble, according to this week's Time.

Whereas many of the world's children attend school for far longer (by as much as four weeks in some places), ours sit idle lounging poolside—or, more likely, perched in front of a screen for vast swaths of the three-month holiday. Called the summer slide, while all kids lose some of what they acquired during the school year, it's especially perilous for poor kids, who often lack the resources to afford expensive enrichment activities.

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