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We spend roughly one-third of our life asleep, another third at work and the final third trying our best to have a little fun.

But is that the correct balance? Should we spend as much time at the office as we do with our friends and family? One of the greatest regrets people have on their deathbeds is that they spent too much of their time instead of enjoying quality time with friends and family.

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom have made a significant pledge to reevaluate the work-life balance in their country.

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A Decade of Global Food Price Increases in One Interactive Chart

Food prices have been rising for the last decade, but some foods spike and drop way more than others, and that's a problem.

Our friends at The Guardian Data Blog have culled food data from U.N. monthly food reports to chart price changes over the last decade. We already knew food prices were reaching record highs and may even double by 2030. What their interactive infographic shows us, however, is just how volatile some food types are. Prices for dairy products and sugar, for example, fluctuate wildly compared to meat.

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Cablegate Is Great for Web Traffic at The Guardian

There may be a good public interest justification for releasing the WikiLeaks material, but it's also been really great for business.

I'm sure the editorial powers that be at The New York Times, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, El Monde, and El Pais have a very well developed, public-interest-based justification for publishing the WikiLeaks material, but the business people in those institutions have to be happy too. It looks like Cablegate is responsible for a doubling of traffic at The Guardian.

And, as Visual Journalism notes, because the documents are being released gradually, the media outlets that are getting prior access are going to be leading on this story for quite a long time.

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