Pan Am and The Playboy Club Trade Sexism For Nostalgia

Like Mad Men, two new shows about the 1960s shine a light on the women of pre-feminist America. Too bad they’re shilling revisionist history.

This fall, two new series are bringing the retro style of AMC's Mad Men to network television. The substance has been lost in the translation.

NBC’s The Playboy Club and ABC’s Pan Am haven't been shy about co-opting Matthew Weiner's high-brow hit. Both shows trade in mythologized versions of the big-city 1960's, drawing on the era's iconic professions—the Playboy bunnies of Chicago's eponymous venue and the Pan Am flight attendants working out of New York's JFK airport. The opening sequence of Pan Am features exhilarating tracking shots of the airport that mirror the first glimpse of Sterling Cooper’s Madison Avenue office.

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