Occasionally something amazing comes from a simple conversation between two surfers. One day earlier this year, Ian Glover, who runs a Bay Area surf camp, was chatting with longtime local board shaper Tim Gras, who also works as a community organizer in the largest housing project in San Francisco.
A simple idea hatched. Ian has the resources and people power to take lots of kids surfing in Marin and Tim has access to kids who could use a fun day at the beach, some of whom may have never seen the ocean—despite living a couple of miles from it. Together they arranged for a group of these kids to go surfing a few weeks later. The kids loved it and Ian and Tim started plotting the next trip. I heard about all the fun they were having and I had to get in on the action too. I'm a surf photographer and filmmaker and I pitched the idea to my company, Micro Documentaries, of doing a pro bono film about these special days.
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