The Fight for 350 at the United Nations

An update from a friend and ally of GOOD from at the U.N. climate talks in Bangkok.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is a notoriously slow-moving body, riddled in diplomatic bureaucracy. But it's also the dominant form of international negotiation and cooperation on climate change, and the world's best hope for some global progress. All of the so-called "intersessional" meetings between the big hallmark COPs (Copenhagen, Cancun, etc) are pretty overwrought with diplomatic technicalities, but they certainly shouldn't be ignored. There's a long arc of progress in these talks, and it's important that the end goal is the right goal. Jamie Henn, one of the founders of and a friend, is at the meetings now in Bangkok, and sent along this update that well illustrates the bird's eye view, and what's at stake if those goal posts are shifted. -Ben

As the United Nations climate meetings heat up again this year, our fight for 350 is just getting started. Countries here in Bangkok are setting the negotiating agenda for the year and there are efforts to not just remove mention of 350 ppm from the text, but to seriously limit discussion of how to reach a global goal to save our planet.

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