Operation Unplug: My Sabbath Manifesto

The Sabbath Manifesto is a program to provide just this sort of needed break. Healthy habits like exercise are formed through consistent practice; the Sabbath Manifesto follows the full day period of the Hebrew Sabbath.

A friend of mine recently posted a link to Jarrid Wilson’s piece “Why I’m Getting a Divorce in 2014″ on Facebook. Wilson’s piece, posted on the last day of 2013, covers many of the alluring characteristics of contemporary smart phone habits that have become so commonplace. Online health answer site WebMD does not classify habitual smart phone use as an addiction per se, but they don’t say it isn’t possible either. The Guardian also published a story yesterday on five ways to curb your internet use and get your life back. Are all of these calls to cut back just ill-fated New Year’s resolution suggestions or do they have a deeper value?

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