Wraps Are Seriously the Worst

GOOD investigates the bastardization of the burrito.

Here at GOOD sandwich week headquarters, one of several lunch-related controversies splitting the office revolves around the question: Is a wrap a sandwich? Staunch advocates have emerged on both sides of this issue, but I’m staying out of it. The wrap defies culinary classification. It's barely even food.

A wrap is classically defined as sandwich filling that, instead of being stuffed between two pieces of bread, is rolled in a unified tortilla-like exterior. In practice, it's a salad burdened with damp meats and cheeses and confined in a waxy green tortilla. In an attempt to lend an air of dignity to the wrap, bonus points are awarded if the filling includes multiple yuppie foods from any era: sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, ponzu. Most wraps don't even attempt to clear this lowly culinary barrier. Chicken Caesar dominates the arena.

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