Cynthia Liu


What You Won't Hear in the Presidential Debates: Five Crucial Education Fixes

Students, parents, and teachers want real answers. Will the candidates give them?

So far in the 2012 presidential race, education hasn't been given much attention by the candidates. Late last month, though, both President Obama and Governor Romney headed to MSNBC's Education Nation summit to share their plans for the nation's schools. Here are five issues you didn't hear either candidate address—that students, parents, and teachers across the nation want some honest discussion about and solutions for.

1. An end to high-stakes testing and a turn to high-quality assessment: Current emphasis on high-stakes standardized tests enriches testing companies, but leaves in its wake cheating scandals by teachers incentivized to extract high test scores from students, and students solely focused on numbers that'll help them get into prestigious schools. Where are the quality assessments of students and teachers we keep hearing about, but see too little adoption of?

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