6 College Essay Questions That Employers Should Steal

Job interviews often rely on a dull script. These creative application prompts could tell companies what they really want to know.

Illustration by Tyler Hoehne

As those hoping to be accepted to the class of 2019 can tell you, there’s not a lot to recommend about the college admission process, which now includes anything from a YouTube vlog to an itemized list of extracurriculars, and, of course, standardized test scores.

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Black Friday May Be Out, But Giving Tuesday Is Definitely In

Giving Tuesday donations nearly reach $46 million, report says

Though retailers failed to top last year’s Thanksgiving sales figures (ending the weekend down 11 percent from 2013), nonprofits rejoiced at an estimated 63 percent increase in donations on Giving Tuesday.

The Case Foundation released preliminary data on the third-ever charitable event, which occurs on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Case notes that the nearly 300,000 donations added up to a major contribution—$45.7 million, compared to $28.1 million last year. About 700,000 tweets also mentioned #GivingTuesday, including a lot of #unselfies.

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Remembering Clip Art and 4 Other Awesome ‘90s Computer Lab Experiences

Dying from cholera, dodging trash, and other formative but fun moments

Thanks a lot, Google. Looking for an implement to complement your last-minute PowerPoint presentation, printable greeting card, or poster board? Well now you have one less image source: Microsoft is replacing clip art. “The Clip Art and image library has closed shop,” employee Doug Thomas wrote Monday in a blog post that also promotes Bing Images, in a hat tip to using search engines for just about anything these days.

Since the announcement, Twitter tributes to the colorful but often mocked illustrations have ranged from reminiscing over terrible fliers from years past to celebrating the end of something so ‘90s. While we’re on that subject: What else do ‘90s kids remember about their weekly pilgrimages to the computer lab?

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Solving Silicon Valley’s Diversity Problem, One Fellow at a Time

Tech boot camp General Assembly offers scholarships for minorities and veterans. Three recent grads share what they learned.

Photo courtesy of General Assembly

All eyes were on Silicon Valley this past summer, not only for the latest and greatest tech innovations, but also for the latest (but not so great) indications that the industry’s diversity is sorely lacking. From Apple to Google to Facebook to Twitter, several companies publicly confessed that their employee bases are predominantly men, as well as largely white or Asian.

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