Every Body is a Bikini Body

Oppressive beauty standards make billions for diet and beauty industries.

Laci Green is a sex education activist. She uses her YouTube channel to teach the internet-goers of the world about safe consensual sex, feminism, and identity. In this video she pairs up with MTV’s Braless to explain the history of bikinis. What initially started as a symbol of girl power, the bikini has now become a weapon used to shame women into buying more diet and beauty products. Businesses convince women that they are not beautiful if they do not fit a specific body size and appearance. This fosters an unhealthy culture of judgment and self-hate.

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Emma Sulkowicz Stands Behind Her Controversial New Anti-Rape Video

“The Mattress Performance” sparked a national dialogue about rape. But the artist’s latest project shows there’s so much more to be said.

Image via Wikimedia

Almost a year ago, Emma Sulkowicz, then a student at Columbia University, started lifting her dorm mattress every day to class. Her actions mystified some, but for Sulkowicz, the concept was simple: every day her rapist remained protected and in school, she would lift. Sulkowicz’s project received national attention and started a national dialogue, and now the artist has come out with yet another powerful project, entitled “This is Not a Rape.”

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How to Get People to Vote Online

Do Something U's latest video offers advice for getting people to vote in crowdsourced contests.

Each week, Do Something U releases a new piece of video content dedicated to providing solutions to the problems many young activists face.

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