Is it Time to Rethink the Selfie as a Feminist Political Statement?

A new academic paper examines the debate around selfies and asks us to look at them as a form of powerful self-expression.

image via (cc) flickr user Ashraf Siddiqui

Selfies are, by name, if not in practice, a relatively new phenomenon. In the few short years since selfies became “a thing,” they’ve gone on to spawn (and facilitate) countless memes, jokes, and even a lucrative peripherals industry. They are a bona-fide sensation, albeit one that’s been derisively linked to narcissism and even psychopathy. But now, as selfies settle into part of the regular ebb and flow of everyday activity, researchers and academics have started to look at what makes simply taking pictures of one’s self such a unique—and perhaps even powerful—act.

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