Feast Your Eyes: Ikea Cookbook Returns as the "Art of Cooking" Video Series Video: Ikea Cookbook Returns as the "Art of Cooking"

Check out photographer Carl Kleiner's latest project with Ikea: nine whimsical videos that should inspire a little cooking. And maybe some dancing.


Remember the Ikea Cookbook Homemade is Best? Well, it's back and it's in motion. Now the photographer behind the Swedish retailer's cookbook, Carl Kleiner, has teamed up with Eric Severin and Evelina Bratell to make a whimsical nine-part video series.

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Project: Redesign the Recipe

We think the standard text recipe can be improved. Help us inspire a new generation to cook with clear, simple, easy-to-understand graphic recipes.

[Update March 10, 2011: See the submission here.]

If you believe everything that Michael Pollan tells us, people are doing less and less cooking. They're flopping down on the couch and watching other people cook on the Food Network.

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