Feast Your Eyes: Ikea Cookbook Returns as the "Art of Cooking" Video Series Video: Ikea Cookbook Returns as the "Art of Cooking"

Check out photographer Carl Kleiner's latest project with Ikea: nine whimsical videos that should inspire a little cooking. And maybe some dancing.


Remember the Ikea Cookbook Homemade is Best? Well, it's back and it's in motion. Now the photographer behind the Swedish retailer's cookbook, Carl Kleiner, has teamed up with Eric Severin and Evelina Bratell to make a whimsical nine-part video series.

The videos demonstrate cracking eggs, chopping carrots, flouring a work surface, making sushi, filling a stove-top espresso machine, sculpting a kohlrabi, selecting a cheese slicer, banging on some pots, choreographing vegetables, or flipping a Swedish pancake.

They're part product placement, part instructional video, and part straight-up inspiration. Now, whether they make you want to cook, play, or go to Ikea, well, I guess that's up to you.