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Cancel culture, call-out culture, hashtag activism, clicktivism … are all names for how people are publicly shamed by social media mobs. This can lead to damaging their careers and reputations.

Call-outs can be effective at bringing the wrongs committed by public figures to light. It worked to create public awareness about the serious sexual misconduct of R. Kelly, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill O'Reilly.

But it has also made pariahs out of people who did something good but were found to have some skeletons in their social media closet.

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Humor Is An Online Activist’s Best Defense

“If this many people are willing to put up money just to raise awareness of Kony, why not use that money to hire Blackwater to capture him?”

By March, the backlash to Invisible Children’s "Kony 2012" video, already the most viral piece of content in the history of the internet, was in full swing.

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