Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas + “Deep Dream” Code = Woah, Dude.

People Are Doing Mind-Bending Things With Google’s New Code

A few days ago, Google released “Deep Dream” to the public. As you might recall, that’s the crazy code that uses image recognition technique to create absolutely insane, hallucinatory landscapes and portraits. Now that it’s in the wild, people are using it in some increasingly creative ways, like running an already trippy movie scene through the code and recording the results. The following is what happens when combining “Deep Dream” and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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Create a Self-Destructing Website With This Open Source Code

This website Googled itself to death, and so can yours.

Former head of product at Flickr and Bitly, Matt Rothenberg recently caused an internet hubbub with his Unindexed project. The communal website continuously searched for itself on Google for 22 days, at which point, upon finding itself, spontaneously combusted.

Image by Marjan Krebelj via Creative Commons

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