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There are a million little things that women have to worry about that most men will probably never understand. A lot of those things have to do with personal safety.

Women have to worry about whether it's safe to walk home alone. They are concerned when getting into an Uber alone after a night out. They also have to be cautious when selling things online because they could unknowingly be making a deal with a predator.

A woman known as Amber J. shared a scary conversation on Reddit that she had with a man trying to purchase an iPhone she was selling online.

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Police Offer Safe Spaces For Craigslist Exchanges

Horrific crimes point to the need for better protocols in internet-initiated deals.

Photo by Calton via Wikimedia Commons

In light of a few recent horrific crimes committed by people who found their victims through Craigslist, police departments are now creating safe spaces for the sites’ buyers, sellers, and swappers. According to NPR, Craigslist revised its “personal safety” guidelines this week, recommending that users make their “high-value exchanges” at local police stations. NPR spoke to Hartford, Connecticut Chief of Detectives Brian Foley, whose department is offering a parking lot outside the police station as an IRL trading post for online transactors. Appropriately, they call the project “Operation Safe Lot.”

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How to Find Your Stolen Bike on Craigslist

Everyone's favorite place to hunt for apartments can also be used to catch bike-stealing crooks. Here's one man's story.

The Bike Nation series is brought to you in partnership with CLIF Bar.

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Craigslist Classified Ad for Corrupt, Climate Denying Coal Baron

Think you're qualified to fill the shoes of one of the country's most dangerous bosses and worst polluters? Check this Craigslist ad.

Last Friday, shock waves were felt throughout the energy industry and environmental movement alike when the big, bad (and once thought invincible) coal baron Don Blankenship announced that he was retiring as CEO of Massey Energy.

It didn't take long for an ad to pop up on the West Virginian Craigslist board, with a sad-because-it's-true job description for what it would take to fill Blankenship's shoes

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