Dancers Defy Gravity on the Hills of San Francisco

Doesn’t everyone want San Francisco to be a little easier to walk in anyway?

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Intermission: Bridging The Generational Divide

German photographer Frauke Theilking shows the differences and similarities between parents and children in a striking photo series.

"Generation" is a photography series created by German photographer and artist Frauke Theilking to demonstrate the differences and similarities between generations. Theilking focused on mother/daughter and father/son pairs, staging them with no distractions from clothing or background.

While many people want to separate themselves as much as possible from their parents, whether by changing appearance or moving away, Theilking’s photos are a reminder that we can never fully escape familial bonds.

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Make Some Art. Your Brain Will Thank You.

Let go and enjoy the health benefits of creativity. #100StartsWith1

We’re teaming up with our friends at Sambazon for 100 days of little ways to change our world. Follow along for the next 100 days of action (and giveaways) on Instagram @Sambazon and at And don’t forget to tell us @GOOD about how you’re changing your world with the hashtag #100Startswith1.


Champion: Saelee Oh

Action: Make some art.

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Make More, Waste Less: Five Energy-Saving Projects for a More Efficient Home

GOOD and Nest teamed up to bring you five energy-saving projects for a more efficient home.

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This spring, GOOD and Nest teamed up to seek out five inventive, hands-on solutions for energy-efficient living. For this Home Planet Challenge, we asked you to make, fix, tinker, reinvent, or create something to turn up the efficiency and turn down the waste around your home. The rules were simple: It must cost less than $250 and only use materials found in your household or hardware store. After narrowing the field to 19 of the most intriguing ideas, we invited the public to vote for the five best ideas.

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