How We’re Rethinking 911 Around the Globe

At Trek Medics, we’re improving emergency medical care in developing countries. Our long-term goal is to champion a comprehensive, integrated approach to emergency medical system development that enables communities to build their own systems, on their own terms, using their own resources, and in a way that matches their specific needs.

After teaching English in Central America for a few years, I returned to the U.S. and knew I wanted to do something different, but I wasn’t quite sure what that should be. I learned a lot from the experience and really enjoyed it, but after 20 plus years as a student and then teacher, I wanted to get out of the classroom. One of the things I realized was that education was something of a professional "backstage pass"—a job skill that, generally speaking, was in high demand and could do a lot to help find work pretty much anywhere. As an American, speaking Spanish was another one of these passes. So when I started looking for a new career path, I began focusing on jobs that offered experience with wide practical application. After ruling out law, politics, accounting, and farming, I found an Emergency Medical Technician class and signed up, figuring emergencies happen everywhere and people are always looking for help.

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