The Best Places to Watch the L.A. Marathon This Sunday

This Sunday, L.A. Marathon will transform the city into a 26.2-mile street festival. Here's where to watch it and how to support its runners.

This Sunday, the Los Angeles Marathon will transform a 26.2-mile corridor of L.A. into the city's largest street festival. Even if you're not running from Dodger Stadium to the Santa Monica Pier, you can still enjoy the car-less streets. Live bands will be playing at almost every mile, and neighbors will be out cheering on their spandex-clad fellow citizens. And while the marathoners keep running, you can have a leisurely brunch. Here's where to watch the race, and a few ways you can help support these civic-minded runners.

Watch the Unofficial Marathon: Head to the course after the bars close on Saturday night to see bikers from Wolfpack Hustle navigate the already-closed streets in their annual "crash race." The ride starts at 3:00 a.m. at Dodger Stadium and heads west all the way to the sea. Check out last year's video here. Truly amazing.

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