Intermission: Peep Show (The Candy Kind)

The Washington Post is highlighting some of its favorite submissions of dioramas made out of Peep candies.

For six years, The Washington Post has hosted a Peep Diorama Contest, receiving thousands of submissions of famous historical or cultural scenes made entirely out of Peep marshmallow candies. The deadline for 2012 submissions is later today, so the paper is highlighting their favorite submissions from past years for last-minute inspiration. Although the finalists and semi-finalists selected must be from D.C., Maryland, or Virginia, anyone can enter. Who knew leftover Easter candy could be so fun?


Fabergé Egg-Hunting for Charity Takes Over London's Streets

More than 200 fiberglass eggs designed by world-renowned artists have been hidden in nooks and crannies throughout the city.

A city-wide Easter egg hunt with a golden egg as the grand prize may sound like a magical premise straight from Roald Dahl's imagination, but in London, it's become a reality.

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Spring Is Packed with Sacred Holidays: Here's What They Teach Us

Many sacred holidays from several traditions converge within the same few weeks of the year. What can we learn from each?

I’m often amazed by the convergence of so many important, sacred holidays within the same few weeks of the year. If a being from a different planet came to earth this week and got a bird’s eye view, I wonder what lessons they would take away from this coming together on the calendar? I doubt they’d take sides—as in “this tradition good, that one is bunk!” All of them ask people to change their routine in honor of something bigger. Here are some lessons they might take away:

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