Meet 826LA's New Window Display (and Its Designer) This Saturday

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart will reveal its new window display this Saturday, May 14 during the Echo Park Public Display of Art walk.

If you haven't been to the Echo Park Time Travel Mart in Los Angeles yet, there's no better time, past or the future, to visit than this Saturday. The store—which sells quirky time travel-themed products like "body humours" and Robot Toupées to raise money for 826LA's reading and writing center in back—will be welcoming a sharp new window display, thanks to a contest we helped organize last month. In choosing the inaugural designer for the new space, the judges were unanimously delighted by the idea of Molly Burgess. This local designer and illustrator managed to combine the seemingly disparate concepts of summer reading, the Pleistocene Era, the year 3022 A.D., and zero-gravity into one awesome window display. Don't worry, it will make sense when you see it.

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