Meet the World's First Solar Powered Study Lantern

Thanks to this solar lantern, for less than $10, students living without electricity could have light to study by when the sun goes down.

When I was in high school, I accidentally set my bed on fire. I needed to finish reading a chapter for English class, but my parents had a pretty strict “lights out” time. So I took a light bulb, screwed it into a socket, plugged it into an extension cord, and dragged it under the covers. Predictably, I fell asleep without shutting this contraption off, and the hot bulb ended up burning my sheets and starting a small, smoky fire. Although my lack of reading light was due to my parent's rules, when the sun goes down around the globe, millions of children that need to study don't even have electricity. The d-light S1, above, is the world's first solar powered lantern made specifically for students trying to hit the books when there's no easily available light source.

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