Is Everyone Destined to Cheat? Is Everyone Destined to Cheat?

Is Everyone Destined to Cheat?

by Amanda M. Fairbanks

November 27, 2010

After listening to the above lecture by their professor, Richard Quinn, 200 business students in a class of 600 at the University of Central Florida recently admitted to cheating on their midterm exam. The discovery of widespread cheating left Quinn, "physically ill, absolutely disgusted, completely disillusioned, and trying to figure out what the last 20 years was for."

Apparently, the students had accessed a version of the exam from the textbook publisher's test bank. Since his lecture went viral, a debate has arisen between faculty and students concerning what, exactly, entails cheating. A more complicated issue is how, going forward, this can possibly be prevented.

What's the best way to handle academic dishonesty?

Via Alexander Russo at This Week In Education

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Is Everyone Destined to Cheat?