A Blog to Set the Musical Mood for Any Meal

Music and food lovers unite: A San Francisco blog curates the perfect jams for the perfect meal.

In case you were wondering what music to listen to when eating a polenta cake with olive oil and rosemary, try the electronic-infused songs of James Blake. What food goes with the sultry tunes of soul singer Raphael Saadiq? Bolognese.

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Nine Meals Too Cute to Eat

Jessica Hlavac's miniature meals look too good to be true.

Jessica Hlavac is a master chef–serving up everything from tacos, to caprese salad, to homemade Twinkies–in a most unconventional way. Her ingredients of choice? Clay, pastels, and varnish. And Hlavac eschews fine china, plating her dishes atop the tip of a knife, the edge of a chopstick, or the face of a coin.

Hlavac's clay meals are in fact too cute (and too artificial) to eat. The Los Angeles-based micro-sculptor has been creating and posting images of her miniature meals since January, on the adorable blog i'm so tiny. Since then she's produced a calendar of her photos, held an art show in a lingerie shop, and began marketing her photos on Etsy.

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