The Pygmalion Effect: Does Calling It a "Failing School" Make It One?

There's been an incredible spike in the prevalence of the term “failing school”—and that label itself could be hurting our education system.

Nowadays it's pretty common to hear talk about “failing schools.” We rarely pause to consider, however, that that label might suggest the students and teachers inside the building are failures themselves. And our casual use of the term could have pretty dangerous consequences.

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Tracking the Language of the Environment

A cool new Google tools shows us how the language of environmental issues evolved over time.

Last week, Google labs released a new language tool, the Google Books Ngrams Viewer, that lets you plug in any word or short phrase and see how often they occurred in published books over a designated period of time.

While the technological tool itself is certainly worthy of its own post (looking at you, Peters!), it sure is fun (or, at least, interesting) to see how various words and phrases relevant to a particular field have played out over time.

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