Toronto Hacktivists Morph Sidewalk Billboards Into Street Art Canvases

Adbusters replace beer ads in the Canadian capitol with whimsical hyper local maps and one-off illustrations.

Earlier this month a collective of artists and activists hacked their way into dozens of sidewalk billboards on the streets of Toronto and over the course of one night replaced advertising with whimsical hyper-local maps and one-off illustrations. GOOD caught up with cARTographyTO, the group responsible for the adbusting, to find out more about their mission and the tactics behind their acts of creative disruption.

GOOD: So what do you have against billboards?

cARTographyTO: Billboards privatize and commercialize public spaces. These spaces are supposed to be for everyone, but are sold to those who already have the most resources and power. It is a highly inequitable distribution of voice. Most advertizing promotes an unsustainable culture of unchecked consumerism, creating artificial desire and relying on making consumers feel perpetually inadequate.

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