Swedish Countryside Transformed Into Robot-Run Dystopia

Swedish illustrator Simon Stålenhag brings to life an imaginary countryside populated by robots, tech dinosaurs, and all forms of mechanical invader.

There’s an unsettling, cinematic quality to the Scandinavian landscape. The eerie quiet, juxtaposed with vast untouched beauty, has often made it the perfect backdrop for horror-thrillers like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Let The Right One In, as well as popular tv shows Wallander and The Bridge (now an English-language Netflix favorite). Inspired by his surroundings, and utilizing “retro-Scandinavian” styles, Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag has brought to life an imaginary countryside populated by robots, tech dinosaurs, and all forms of mechanical invader. Digitally painted, his images have made the rounds with sci-fi and fantasy fans, but remained elusive in mass-produced form—until now. Recently Stålenhag and Free League Publishing announced a Kickstarter project for two new fine art graphic novels filled with Stålenhag’s images of a dystopian robot world, paired with English-language short stories. Below, hold tight to your blue plastic Ikea bags and scroll through some of our favorite nordic nightmare images.

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Feminist Heroes to Teach Kids Their ABCs in Badass New Picturebook

From Sonia Sotomayor to Patti Smith, “​Rad American Women A-Z”​ has all your favorite female icons in illustrated form.

A is for Angela Davis

Why just learn your ABCs when you can be empowered by them? A new illustrated children’s book from iconic City Lights press, “ Rad American Women A-Z,” offers kids the chance to educate themselves on women’s history and the alphabet at the same time. Written by Kate Schatz and illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl, the book was inspired by Schatz’s 2-year-old daughter. As the writer told Mic, the book was created to fill the “feminist-shaped hole in children's literature” and goes from A (for Angela Davis) to Z (Zora Neale Hurston).

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Winner: Doodle "Something Good in the World"

We received hundreds of submissions for our latest doodle project. See the three winners and a selection of the best runners up.

Last month GOOD and Cole Haan partnered to challenge you all with the latest Doodle project, "Doodle Something Good in the World." Submissions ranged from very personal views on the world, to topical news that everyone could related to.

As a reminder, our panel of judges included me, members of GOOD's editorial department, and Cole Haan, and the group was tasked with picking the top three illustrations. All three winners were eligible to receive a GOOD T-Shirt and Cole Haan gift certificates ($500 for first prize, $250 for second, and $100 for third).

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