15 of the World’s Greatest Job Perks

Toiling for the man is much more pleasant when your job offers thoughtful touches like employee pubs, surf breaks, and cat daycare.

Earlier this week, we learned about the “pre-cation,” a new recruiting perk used by successful startups to lasso the best and brightest in their industries. On signing the dotted line, draftees are immediately sent on a weeks-long paid vacation, the better to rest up and hit the ground running on that first day at the office.

As the era of human physical labor winds to a close, some of us (who haven’t already been replaced by algorithms or mechanical arms) can take comfort in the cushy work environments and delightful extras our handlers use to keep us inside the office, away from the frivolous distractions of the outside world. But if you think wearing your Crocs to casual Friday or receiving a birthday card signed by your work friends constitutes a pretty decent motivational perk, it’s time to think again—here are 15 of the best and most thoughtful job perks from companies around the world, so you know exactly what to drop in the “suggestions” box on your next trip to the office water cooler.

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