How a Simple Paper Funnel Is Making Indian Toilets Safer for Women

The “Pee Buddy” sounds a bit silly, but it just might be a major milestone in female hygiene across India.

image via youtube // pee buddy

“When you’ve gotta go,” says that old adage, “you’ve gotta go.” But for millions of women across India, “going” is not quite as easy a proposition as it is for that country’s men. When it comes to restrooms in the capital city of Delhi, for example, there is a reported 10 to 1 ratio in favor of men’s public toilets, making it excessively difficult for many women to answer nature when it calls. What’s more, many of the women’s toilets are dirty, poorly maintained, and decidedly unhygienic, which presents a particular problem for anyone unable to stand while peeing. Often, women are faced with the choice of using unsanitary facilities and assuming the health risks thereof, or simply holding it in until they find a clean lady’s room, an option that can take considerable time to pan out, and lead to bladder infections and UTIs.

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