Internet Goes Wild After India Detains Pakistani Spy Pigeon

The clandestine bird has become a meme-ified star with his own mobile app game.

Narendra Modi is the prime minister of India.

Last week, Indian intelligence officials detained a pigeon they suspected of being a spy for the Pakistani government. According to the BBC, a 14-year-old boy spotted the bird, which had a message written on its feathers in the Urdu language. The bird had the misfortune of being found near Kashmir, territory over which both India and Pakistan claim ownership. Apparently, this is not the first time where police have had to take a pigeon into custody over suspicions of spying.

"This is a rare instance of a bird from Pakistan being spotted here. We have caught a few spies here. The area is sensitive, given its proximity to Jammu, where infiltration is quite common," a local police superintendent said to the Times of India.

Naturally, the internet responded with a deluge of pigeon-related memes. Pakistani Twitter users started hashtag campaigns, #PigeonVSIndia and #IfIWereAPigeon, which were mostly used to mock the Indian intelligence officials for their actions against the bird.

A group of Pakistani university students even developed an Android app inspired by the news item, a mobile game called Spy Pigeon Bird Shooting, in which users try to shoot down pigeons without being pooped on.

The Indian Express writes that there is precedent for this news story. In 2010, authorities detained another pigeon suspected of being a spy, but it was cleared of all charges.

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