The Important Global Selfie Study We’ve All Been Waiting For is Here

SelfieCity analyzes selfies from five cities around the globe and theorizes the way we present ourselves to people online.

Here is a fatal blow to all your grandfather’s theories about the demise of civil society at the hands of this generation of self-involved millenials: people don’t actually take as many selfies as we think they do. SelfieCity is an ongoing research project that analyzes thousands of selfie photos from five cities around the world and organizes the resulting data points city by city, as well as by age groups and gender. Using the data, SelfieCity researchers attempt to theorize cultural and social meanings from their findings. After randomly selecting 120,000 photos from Instagram, they found that only about 3-5 percent of them were selfies. The rest of the photos depicted images from users’ everyday lives: animals, food, clothes, artwork, etc.

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